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Monday, October 17, 2022

I just have to pause for a day on art posts and show you this adorable new member of the fammily. We lost our little precious dog about two months ago. Ricky and the dog were best buds and now we are sad and alone idea....we got a new kitten. If you've ever tried to introduce a young kitten to an older cat you know it has to be done carefully. Well after a week of separation they got wind of each other. Another week went by and all of a sudden as I was sitting on the bed out of the corner of my eye I saw the little one jump up and start his approach to the 9 year old. I happened to be reading on my ipad at the moment so I could just click the camera record button and got the who interaction. It's adorable. I posted it on the youtube station and give you a link here to see how cute it is. You can fast forward through my "talking" if you want to get to the cute part. Enjoy. MEANWHILE I'm working on an abstract and it's HARD !

Sunday, July 10, 2022


Once again I am letting you know how excited I am about my latest project, putting my high resolution images on the cover of notebooks and planners. I made a video where I show you a few of the 100s that I've posted. I am also becoming a more organized person with my appointment and project management notebook. I love digital things but I have found that anything I post disappears into the depths of the internet. Digital planners are of couse good for tickle notifications but I genuinely like writing things down and enjoy being able to turn pages and see the past and the future. LOOK on your amazon account and type in sally rosenbaumm composition books or planners
Alizarin crimson, indian yellow and prussian blue AGAIN
This is an 8 x 10 image from a photograph I took ages ago......33 years ago to be exact. It's mind boggling how time works. I started with an indian yellow toned canvas and then outlined the figure with the blue. I then began to block in the shapes within the figure and without the figure. Keeping the palette simple once agains keeps you as the artist simply asking the simple questions. Is it warmer (add more yellow) or cooler (add more red) than what it's next to. The other important question will be Is it lighter or darker. Everytime you add a color to another color it diminishes it's brightness unless of course you're adding white which again can work to cool it down. WITH such a limited palette you get the hang of it really easily. When I was photographing subjects and scenes to paint I would generally ask them (in this case I did the choosing) to wear white. It's of course super reflective and you can make the painting sparkle with the reflected lights. This is still available for sale on website and as a print, or greeting card on FINEARTAMERICA

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Painting a dog is not so hard

I thought it would be impossible to paint a dog. I don't know why. But it really turns out to be an exercise in placement. You have to get the nose and the eyes in the right place and much of the rest is following the outline carefully to get the right shape of that particular dog. I am extremely recently partial to dachshunds because my son got one "BIRDIE" two years ago and she is quite the diva. She isn't black like this one. She is red and I have painted her silliness many times. It's fun. It's a good way to warm up.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Limited palette: Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine blue, and Indian Yellow

This is another limited palette painting. It's very very fun to do many and line them all up and see how similar and different they appear all at the same time. In the beginning during the "lay in" stage it's easy to say oh I'll never get the colors to pop or stand out but the longer you create you "soup" (the combination of colors you're mixing on your palette) the more the tiniest differentiations start to appear and add definition to your canvas. I am now convinced that this is the way to learn. 1. You realize that a painting is about the canvas not the image or the photograph 2 You are striving toward harmony 3. You are actively experiencing at a very simple and effective level the differences between darker or lighter and the other important question, warmer or cooler, or brighter or duller. Your mind is not confounded but a vast array of colors with so many different values. If you must add more colors, wait until you've laid in the main idea to your satisfaction and use the 4th color carefully to enhance.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

The Limited Palette always Impresses

I picked up a photo of a young woman I had painted once upon a time and thought I'd like to explore it further. I've always absolutely loved the artwork of Toulouse Lautrec. The subject matter of the dancing show girls, the night life of the French bougousie, and the dedication of the young toulouse have always intrigued me. Looking closely at it I know he uses a lot of yellow and alizarin crimson and maybe some blue, maybe some green. So I put blobs of alizarin, Indian yellow and Ultramarine blue along with titanium white on my glass palette and using a small brush and the red I sketched her in. THis is the final result. After a while I felt like I was simply doing a value study but the limitations of color make it much easier than being overwhelmed with a full palette. It facilitated the ease of asking the simple questions that propel us around the canvas. Is this space lighter or darker, warmer or cooler. Easy peasy. I am going to continue this little exercise for a while. I find that limited palettes are kinder to the eye and the harmony is automatic.

Monday, April 4, 2022

I have now had the pleasure of selling these composition books and the response I am getting is "LOVELY" and quick shipment from amazon. They are indeed a bargain if you have amazon prime and do not have to go through the rigmarole of shipping costs etc. I am so fortunate that I always documented my paintings with as high of a resolution as I could afford. At first it was a matter of actually driving the painting an hour away to a "Lab" where they took 4 x 5 transparencies. Then we were digitizing the transparencies. After that and the driving I decided to invest in an epson art scanner which did a very good job but was limited to a 12 x 16 glass panel. I learned that I could do larger paintings by scanning the painting section by section. I then found a way to "stitch" the pieces together on photoshop and had quite a high resolution "large" file which was perfectly suitable for prints and products. I speak about "stitching" the pieces together. I did it one segment at a time and then blurred the edges with the clone stamp. HOWEVER LET ME TELL YOU ....I found out a few years back that photoshop (the most amazing editing software around) has a feature under edit called automate and merge cells which will do it automatically. GAME CHANGER! THAT is still the procedure I use but I have a 24 mp canon and I still divide the canvas into fourths or sixths and then use the camera instead of the massive scanner. I use photoshop to automate the stitching. I have large files of my favorite paintings or seminal works that were part of a series. I am loading them all onto Amazon and making the 120 page college ruled books. They are pretty elegant and hey! you don't need just one, you need many. As handy as digital notetaking and planning is, the pleasure of scanning through written pages will never be replaced. AND as you all know the act of writing things down is therapeutic for the brain and helpful for the mere process of memorization. I am so pleased with how these turned out AND the price point: Here are a few. There are many more that you will see if you search Sally Rosenbaum Disclaimer.. I receive a small commission if you click and buy.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

I am having a ball publishing my vast vast collection of high resolution scans of my paintings on KDP. If you don't know what kdp is yet it's a way to self publish professional results. If you design a high resolution cover the results are stupendous. I have 20 of my paintings listed there. They are in the form of $6.99 regular school or home composition books. The quality is high and i am enjoying giving them to friends and acquaintances and making many sales. I am giving you a link to see what I mean Each of these are composition books on your amazon channel and only 7.00 I'm excited.

Monday, December 27, 2021


Many painters far greater than I have painted the same subject many many times. Here is the caveat: It is not the same painting. Sometimes something new is added, sometimes something is eliminated. Sometimes the palette is different; sometimes the light source is rearranged. It is the process of arting.....For me, art is a verb. It is basically for the artist and not for the buyer that we paint; that we indulge with our communion of shapes, light and pigment. I like to paint because I like to use paint, color, and shapes probably more than I like to "say" something. From the beginning of time, the question of what do I paint is the persistent voice that a painter hears. For me it is all about what can I use to hang all this color and pigment on? Sometimes it is simply wonderful to already have a tried and true subject matter so that all my attention can be focused on the joy; the color and the light. If you google my name you will see images that have grown, changed, and morphed into other images through the prism of time. How would this scene look if it were painted in the palette of the great swedish painter, Anders Zorn? How would this scene look if I toned the canvas first with napthol crimson? How would this painting look if I only used a large brush to paint it? How about a small brush, how about if it were painted on paper rather than canvas....What if I painted this tiny corner on a huge canvas? What if I used a medium that resembles the glazes of the renaissance? THIS is why I paint. This is why I coninue.

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Making your environment work

So many people are creative and yet very few make a life of it. I watched a few videos from ATOMIC HABITS on youtube recently and he continually references the idea of designing your living spaces to support your desired behaviors. How brilliant....In my new home here in Long Beach I have designed my painting area to be right down the hall in the upstairs portion of the house. THe entire room is circumferenced with narrow tables (surfaces) with the easel in the corner by the window. The center area is completely taken over by flat files which not only provide storage for prints, watercolor paper, canvases etc but offer a 32 x 48 inch flat surface at waist level for stretching canvas, organizing photos and ideas and performing general preparations. I have had many many long stretches sometimes lasting weeks where I intend to paint but don't. Somehow the day goes by and I can truthfully say that other than walking the dog and eating three meals I have accomplished absolutely zilch and go to bed feeling less than content with myself. Ah but now I have cracked the code! I wake early....I love to sit in bed and look at my ipad "stuff" for an hour or so. Because I know that I will feel GREAT all day long and go to bed content with myself if I painted that day I have decided that it is the very first thing I do so there's more DAY to enjoy in my contented frame of mind. BEFORE I wash, before I brush, before I even dress.....I shuffle into my studio behind doors 12 feet down the hall where the paints are already layed out, the brushes are clean, and the paper towels are present and begin my work.. I continue with yesterday's work or begin anew. Sometimes it's one hour, sometimes it's two. At the end of the session which corresponds with my need for food and drink, I clean my palette, wash the brushes and set up for tomorrow. I then proceed to the shower and a well deserved breakfast OR lunch. I am loving this routine not only because I have artwork to show for it but the quality of my well being for the rest of the day is A+. I am free to sew, to bake, to get lost on instagram, to watch tv, to shop, to visit, to veg out....whatever......with absolutely no guilt...I love it. All this is in the context of the sale of artwork being my sole income. I designed my space to foster a behavior that I need to do.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Painting the Napa Valley Water tower

Well it's a done deal...I am moving from my quarantine bunker (haha .....tiny one bedroom apartment in the same building as my son) to a more spacious place with a yard, a DISHWASHER, and I can finally use my washer and dryer and revisit all of my STUFF that's been in storage for a year. Raise your hand if you've ever made the mistake of storing JUNK. It's just not worth the investment of over 4000.00 that it's cost me to store it so I will get it all out and again start culling out the UN NECESSARY stuff. In the meantime I am beyond excited about the new venture with youtube and filming and cameras and painting. All the paintings that I show on the youtube channel are for sale for a brief period of time here. I use squarespace and stripe and paypal. It's easy to buy; click, pay and then I ship it directly to you. I like to use frames on my work and I have used jfm frames on the east coast and attention to shipping. If there's any free shipping that's the way to go because frames are heavy! Here's the new youtube video complete with a list of the paint colors I used to execute it. Be sure to subscribe and give me a like. I'm hoping to really make the channel grow. I want to talk a lot about the evolution of art as well and do some stories about artists I admire as well as collecting advice and display possibilities. I am working on a 30 x 40 landscape with a NAPA oak tree in the background and dry ochre grasses in the foreground. It, of course, is the typical Napa/Sonoma landscape and I love the colors and the visuals of it. I do also love the pine forests of Georgia but I haven't seen them in quite a while! My new computer arrives tomorrow with sooooo many more bells and whistles. I love bells and whistles and SPACE! This will be loaded wtih final cut pro and I will be able to use software that I haven't been able to use. My current computer is loaded with space but it's still old. It lacks a camera; the speakers are nonfunctional and the fans go on constantly. It is not worth fixing. Ah such is the digital life in 2021; new stuff every 5 to 8 years. Here's a connection to the new video. Please subscribe and click the LIKE BUTTON. It helps!!

Monday, June 28, 2021

I just went back into a painting, ( a small one)....there were some areas of disharmony that were bothering me. I used a red for some dahlias and the blue in the hydrangeas wasn't sitting well with me so I decided to use 4 colors ( two cross complements). They were alizarin crimson and sap green and then orange and transparent orange and prussian blue. I feel like harmony fell into place easily which now makes me think of simply painting a scene in white and black acyrlic. I would let it dry thoroughly and then put my four colors down with white and mix up some values and start applying them to the little black and white study. I think I would have a very charming painting. Stay tuned. I'm going to do it. I'm not sure in this case I improved it but I could see the potential and definitely some areas were improved!