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Thursday, August 2, 2012


It's been some time since I've posted on my blog.  I just came across an amusing quote while looking through my old American Art Review magazines..I'll type it straight from the column.  It's a quote from Anna Lea Merritt, ..."the inequality observed in women's work is more probably the result of untoward domestic accidents...women who work must harden their hearts, and not be at the beck and call of affections or duties or trivial domestic cares...the chief obstacle to a woman's success is that she can never have a wife."  Thought there was some insight there....but of course the world has changed and is changing since then.  I now can justify a messy house.  I mean, really, it can take the entire day to keep everything perfect and it takes more than a life time to actualize the art life.

I am posting my recent work...enjoyed painting it so much ...I am continuing on with many of these two young women, sisters.  This painting practically painted itself.  I just happened to be in the room.  I love when that happens!


Virginia Floyd said...

I'm always thrilled when you post a new painting!

And it's so true...I need a wife!

Jane said...

It is absolutely magic, fabulous piece !!!

Peter Lee said...

beautiful work - love your impressionistic style!

Susan Roux said...

Very nice Sally. So nice to hear from you and see your work again. Lovely as usual!

Your quote made me laugh. My house is not nearly as clean and orderly as when I wasn't so obsessed with my art! I love that I now have a real excuse.

Have a good day, painting!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

LOVELY painting, Sally. And your observations sure ring true about the artist's life for a woman and mother. And yet all roles are important and deserve our best.

martinealison said...

Bonjour chère amie,
Une très jolie publication... J'aime vos mots.
Je suis très admirative devant cette oeuvre. Quelle belle harmonie de couleurs !
La lumière qui l'illumine est fascinante. Je voudrais être une petite mouche pour écouter la conversation de ces deux jeunes femmes !!
Le bouquet de roses pourrait insinuer qu'elles parlent d'amour, de leurs amoureux... Une peinture remplie de sérénité.
Gros bisous