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Friday, October 14, 2011


There are just as many people who say there are no limits (e.g. the sky is the limit), as those who say limits are good.  I was profoundly affected by reading Rollo May's book on creativity when he spoke about how the creation of limits facilitated creativity. "Creativity... requires limits, for the creative act rises out of the struggle of human beings with and against that which limits them. (Rollo May). " I saw this one today also which is from Robert Frost and it made me chuckle but how true it is.
"I play better tennis because the court is there. " (Robert Frost)
Anyway.....I made a pile of Indian Yellow, prussian blue and my new best friend, quinacridone red and of course white....titantium, white.....and painted five paintings; two landscapes and three still lifes.......I like the limits and I think there is unity.

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Virginia Floyd said...

I hope you post the other four! Interesting palette. I'll have to investigate quinicridone red. I'm not familiar with it. Love this painting. It's hard to believe you used only three colors.