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Thursday, August 25, 2011


woman paintings   (link to paintings of women, mine included!

I just discovered and joined a great website that prints on demand..It will make it so easy for customers to get exactly what they want whether it is a canvas print or a framed print under glass in any size from 8 x 10 to 48 x 60.  I am gradually loading all of my high resolution files onto the site.
final version
first version
I recently revisited this painting with a bottle of gamblin  neo meglip mixed with my favorite two colors, prussian blue and indian yellow and glazed over the haphazard cacophony of colors and unified the mood and atmosphere.  The one on top is the final version.  Everytime I walked past this colorful version it made me want to throw up.   eek ....did I say that?


Susan Roux said...

A huge improvement! You brought us in gently to your focal point. It became intimate... When you can look at a former work and bring it around so strong, you know for certain you're improving. Not only on your ability to paint, but on your understanding of the whole concept of painting.

Love the richness you captured.

Pam Holnback said...

I agree, I like the newer version. A simpler background allowing me to stay focused on the figure.

Virginia Floyd said...

Amazing! I love the final version. I love the deep greens in the shrubbery. And you added some color to her hat. Beautiful!

Virginia Floyd said...

I do like the second version much better. Very nice. I've been waiting for you to post another painting!