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Friday, February 25, 2011

split complementary revisited

Summer of Innocence 16 x 20

 I decided to start with a composition from last summer that I had photographed and have painted in small quick sketches a few times.  I drew in the figure and then painted with burnt umber most of the linear aspects of the girl and the still life so that I could hold the drawing when I started painting.  On this one in particular, I decided to paint all the values in a mixture of black white and thalo green.
     I set it aside for a few days to dry and then decided to use a color harmony that I used last week with a rose still life.....split complementary of viridian green, grumbacher red, and orange............the first day I stuck only to those colors.  After drying I worked again on it adding some brights, dulls, richness and darks and felt compelled to add in a violet really helped in many ways to make the painting sit down on the canvas.
The final day of painting is the most exciting.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Thoughts from July painted in January

When you paint from photographs you can always revisit the summer!  I have painted this pose in a 30 x 40 but handled it completely differently.  First it was a full body pose and I had a very dark prussian blue, indian yellow and alizarin background. 
This one is lighter.  I am loving the 24 24 format and the symmetry that it provides. I feel like it makes the eye travel more quickly covering all corners of the canvas.  I painted it first in raw umber with a line in drawing, then completely painted it with ivory black and white and a touch of green.  After drying I added the color.  I think I will revisit the flesh after this drying.