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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

prints and nature

I am mesmerized by the patterns of nature and especially loved doing this dress against the background of the garden with all of its radiance.  Nature gives to us the perfect backdrop for our figures and our intense colors of costume.  The background nature serves up is always low key with lots of neutrals and warms and cools.  No color in nature is ever  pure yet the ornamentation of our clothing, hair and table always suggests purity and's kind of a

choices of frame

slam dunk...light vs. dark, dull vs. bright, soft vs, hard, know the drill

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martinealison said...

Je découvre avec délice votre blog... J'aime,je me sens bien en regardant l'ensemble de vos oeuvres. Toutes mes félicitations et je vous dis à bientôt. Bises