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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Book is Finished

Many years ago I sat down, inspired by the software, “Scrivener,” and wrote a book with photos of many paintings. At that time I was excited about the new downloadable books and kindle so I made it into a kindle book. The people that read it seemed to like it, but because it had information and charts and pictures it wasn’t conducive to looking things up or looking backward, so I said to myself that I would make it into a real book. I thought that would be easy sort of like I could just push a button and it would all reformat and I could publish it.  That was sort of true. The words would reformat but the picture resolution was way too small and as I got into the project I realized a better formatting and organization of chapters.  With the help (completely) of youtube I was able to learn INDESIGN (a powerful adobe software for layout) and have just published it on amazon. I now have such great respect for editors because I had none. So please excuse and or notify me if there are any glaring mistakes.   I have read and re read it so many times I just can’t bear to do it again.  If you want to take a look at it you can find it here HOW TO PAINT TENACIOUSLY by Sally Rosenbaum.  There are 164 pages with pictures of artwork.  A lot of anecdotal stuff about me and how I decided to make art a full time occupation and earn enough money to buy a house in the Napa valley and raise two sons, a german shepherd, a doberman, and little poodle as well as many cats and have a good time doing what I love.