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Monday, April 25, 2011

Keeping it Simple

The teapot with no lid

A simple object, one source of light, and a limited palette

I recently discovered the website and although there is a closed membership there I found the daily challenges which I think are fun.  It fits in really well for me since I often do several paintings (small ones) a day.
I set this up in my studio with one light source and lovingly sculpted it with paint.  Once again I discover the longer I work the more feeling I seem to illicit in the piece.  It's a dear little teapot thrown and glazed by Bernard Leach's son, David in England.  My sister brought it back to me years ago and I have always cherished the beautiful little celadon teapot.  Unfortunately in 2001 there was an earthquake in Napa and it rocked the entire house and threw all the cabinet doors open in the kitchen and heaved everything to the ground.  I lost the lid of this one as well as all of my Waterford crystal that I seldom used......O structural damage so I'm happy for that!
I will always keep the teapot even though the lid is long gone.  I even have shards from other "dear" bowls I lost that day which I still keep.  I'm funny that way.


carol morgan carmichael said...

Your work is beautiful Sally. Welcome to Fresh Painters! A wonderful addition.

martinealison said...

Une jolie théière et malgré son manque de couvercle a une place importante, même une place de premier choix dans votre peinture. Très joli travail... Bisous

Karen Bruson said...

Beautiful painting. Love the color palette.
I use my Waterford everyday.